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Acme (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd Company Profile
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Acme (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd Company Profile
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Acme (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd

China Acme (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd Company Profile
Acme (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd
Acme (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd
Acme (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd
Main Market:
North America , South America , Western Europe , Eastern Europe , Southeast Asia , Middle East , Africa
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Annual Sales:
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Export p.c:
80% - 90%
Company Details

                                                                         Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner Manufacturer

AcmeSonic has been manufacturing ultrasonic parts cleaners for years, providing manufacturers with the highest-quality systems available. We are dedicated to manufacturing systems of many types and styles which include Household ultrasonic cleaner,small table-top ultrasonic cleaner, large single-tank systems for injection molds are other large parts, strip and metal tape washers, aerospace parts washers, multi-stage machines which include cleaning, rinsing, and drying, automation systems, and custom equipment designed specifically for your needs.


ACMESONIC was founded in September 01, 2016 and located in SHENZHEN. In 2023, a new factory was set up in Jiangmen, Guangdong. The total area of the 2 factories is over 6,500 square meters. ACMESONIC has abundant financial resources and has a general investment of 10,000,000 R M B, and we mainly production of ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment. And we have established our excellent teams who focus on product development and design, quality control & inspection and company running. OEM and ODM are welcome to us!ve established our excellent teams who focus on product development and design, quality control & inspection and company running.


1. Warranty:
12 months warranty for ACMESONIC ultrasonic cleaner.

2. Lifetime technical support:
If any technical problem during warranty time, replacement parts will be sent free of charge.

3. Advantage:

Reply your enquiry in 24 working hours.

5 years Experienced staffs answer all your questions in fluent English.

OEM & OEM are available if the quantity is large.

We offer very competitive for all our products.

We have our Own R&D department, so the stable PCB can be offered.



4. Raw Material Inspection:
Most of our raw material suppliers are best ,our QC and engineers would make strict inspection of the raw material step by step to ensure quality product. Any unqualified material will be rejected to guarantee best quality.
it is the energy released by this collapse that will assist a detergent in breaking the bonds between parts and their soils.

5. 100% product inspection:
We QC team would check the production process to ensure machine 100% qualified. Each unit would be under testing at least 4hours before packed, and sales person will send inspection pictures for your checking.


ACME(SHENZHEN)Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2016, the main R & D and manufacturing of various types of ultrasonic cleaning machines and other cleaning instruments and equipment, is a professional ultrasonic cleaning instrument manufacturers, specializing in new enterprises and national high-tech enterprises; the company follows the "based in South China, radiation, facing the country, facing the overseas" brand development plan, in 2017, set up a branch in Hong Kong, responsible for import and export business at home and abroad. In 2017, the company set up a branch in Hong Kong, responsible for import and export business at home and abroad.

In 2018, we set up a molding division, ACME company upgraded innovative technology-based ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers, with structural design, product development, mold making and injection molding workshop, efforts to match the product development process.
At the end of 2019, the company set up an independent operation center in Shenzhen, with an office area of more than 800 square meters, set sales, manpower, finance, a comprehensive operation center; ACME company in the product marketing and sales and corporate management level strength to a higher level, ACMESONIC brand will also get a greater dissemination; in the same year, the company comprehensively imported and implemented the ISO9001 quality management system. In the same year, the company fully introduced and implemented ISO9001 quality management system, which further improved the management level of the company, and endeavored to the company's business objectives of "management on the level, quality on the level, efficiency on the level, enterprise on the scale", so as to achieve the purpose of continuous improvement and sustainable operation.


In September 2020, in order to meet the company's production capacity needs, in Hunan Province to set up manufacturing centers and R & D centers, plant area of more than 8,000 square meters, to meet the annual output of ultrasonic cleaning machine more than 300,000 units.

In 2023, in order to meet the customers in Guangdong region, planning a building area of more than 28,000 square meters plant in Jiangmen. It integrates hardware drawing, sheet metal and manufacturing. It is expected to satisfy the annual output of ultrasonic instruments and equipment of more than 500,000 units.

The company in line with the "enhance competitive advantage, create the best performance" purpose, cohesion of a number of professional and technical personnel and mature sales team, the number of employees reached 200 people. Facing the increasing environmental and health requirements of the society, all the members of the company try their best to innovate and strive to return customers with the best quality products.

Since its inception, the company to "adhere to the road of sustainable development" business philosophy and staff progress together, for the domestic and international market demand, vigorously develop the ultrasonic cleaning machine standard machine and automation equipment and household appliances and other products and markets. To green, healthy clean energy-oriented; to forge ahead, innovation and support; the use of the interconnected world, combined with a variety of channels to continue to create value for customers; through lean operations, the establishment of a good supply chain partnership, to find the best cost position.

A few short years, the company's independent research and development, up and down. Innovative technology ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer, now has a number of well-known independent brands, and has a number of patents. In the industry in the front position, and favored by customers and consumers. Of course, we will, as always, follow the company's development plan to make the enterprise bigger and stronger.

ACME with good technology and products, as well as perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, sincerely look forward to creating brilliant with you!

Our Team

Manufacturing team

●Through"5S" process control, pro-management and unique workmanship, reasonable production

●5 production lines, high efficiency production ability

●Large average daily production capacity, fast delivery

●Multiple engineers with over 10 years of experience in the ultrasonic industry


R&D team

Standardized quality control system & Execute ISO quality system seriously

IQC: All incoming material has to pass IQC before being inventoried

1.First article inspection

3.Sample inspection

OQC: Outgoing product quality control


Sales team

Salesman is the bridge between the factory and the customer. A good salesman can help you save the money and the time. Our sales people all have more than 5 years experiences in the ultrasonic filed, so we can give you the professional guidance before purchasing and the quick response for the after-sales.