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Latest company case about Precision metal parts ultrasonic cleaning machine

Precision metal parts ultrasonic cleaning machine

Equipment name: seven tanks automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine     Cleaning workpiece: semiconductor equipment precision spare parts Precision metal parts ultrasonic cleaning process: loading → ultrasonic cleaning → spray cleaning → ultrasonic cleaning → ultrasonic rinsing → air cutting → hot air drying → vacuum drying → discharging This equipment mainly consists of ultrasonic cleaning system, heating system, spraying system, wind cutting system, PLC control system, robotic arm system, loading and unloading table and so on. The seven-slot automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning all kinds of oil stains attached to the surface of metal workpieces, such as hydraulic oil, cutting fluid, lubricating oil, rust-proof oil and so on. Ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing with drying process can achieve a good clean effect. And the use of automated ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment can greatly improve the cleaning efficiency and reduce cleaning costs. Translated with (free version)
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Latest company case about Precision Cleaning for Medical Device Manufacturing

Precision Cleaning for Medical Device Manufacturing

In medical device manufacturing, contaminants from the production process such as machining, stamping or cooling oils, dust, metal shavings, fingerprints and other dirt must be thoroughly removed, whether from finishing, assembly, sterilization or final packaging. However, medical devices can be complex components or made of multiple materials, so cleaning methods must not damage surfaces or delicate parts. Using an ultrasonic cleaning process can achieve effective and consistent cleaning, helping manufacturers produce products that meet quality and regulatory specifications.
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