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Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner ManufacturerAcmeSonic has been manufacturing ultrasonic parts cleaners for years, providing manufacturers with the highest-quality systems available. We are dedicated to manufacturing systems of many types and styles which include Household ultrasonic cleaner,small table-top ultrasonic cleaner, large single-tank systems for injection molds are other large parts, strip and metal tape washers, aerospace parts washers, multi-stage machines which include cleaning, ...
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Lastest company news about Why you should clean your car engine injectors regularly?
Why you should clean your car engine injectors regularly?


Fuel injector nozzle is one of the important parts of the EFI engine, its working condition directly affects the performance of the engine. However, many car owners do not pay attention to the engine nozzle cleaning, or that the engine nozzle to a very long time before the need to clean, but do not know that the nozzle slightly clogged will seriously affect the performance of the car.   1.The principle of electric injection automobile injector nozzle Fuel injector is actually a precision solenoid valve. When the solenoid coil is energized, generating suction, the needle valve is sucked up, open the spray hole, the fuel through the needle valve head of the axial needle and the ring gap between the spray hole high-speed spray, the formation of fog, conducive to full combustion.   2.The reasons why the injector nozzle is easily clogged Injector nozzle clogging has a variety of reasons. 2.1. The engine combustion carbon deposits in the injector nozzle or impurities in the fuel to block the injector nozzle access. 2..2 After the car has traveled a certain number of miles, certain deposits are also formed in the fuel system. 2.3. Gasoline itself contains gums, impurities or dust and impurities brought in the storage and transportation process will also form sludge-like deposits in the gasoline tank, fuel inlet piping and other parts. 2.4. Add too much oil, from the piston ring to the cylinder, attached to the injector nozzle, after high temperature combustion to form carbon deposits. 2.5. The unstable components of gasoline will also be at a certain temperature under the chemical reaction, the formation of gum and resin-like viscous material, these substances in the injector nozzle, intake valve and other parts of the combustion, will become hard carbon.   3.The harm of fuel injector clogging EFI car fuel system deposits have a great deal of harm, it will affect the electronic fuel injection system of high precision parts of the work performance. Such as will lead to a decline in engine power; will also be formed in the intake valve in the formation of carbon resulting in its closure is not strict, resulting in unstable engine idle; fuel consumption increases, emissions exceeded the standard; at the same time will be in the top of the cylinder head of the piston to form a carbon deposit. Due to the high heat capacity and poor thermal conductivity of carbon, it is easy to cause the engine's vibration; shorten the life of the three-way catalytic converter. Therefore, the injector nozzle work well or badly, the power of each engine plays a decisive role. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the injector nozzle on a regular basis.   4.Then to clean the engine injector nozzle When the injector nozzle clogging, oil injection is not smooth, or the injector gap has carbon and adhesive material, up to the design of the amount of oil injection or atomization effect, only need to clean. Injector nozzles have a slight clogging, sometimes there will be such a phenomenon: a gear start, the car some shaking, and so on into the high gear acceleration, such a phenomenon disappeared; if the car's various sensors work normally, the throttle body has been cleaned, the circuit is also normal, it is likely to be injector nozzles have a slight clogging. However, when accelerating in high gear, it is possible that the slight gel was sprayed away (dissolved), and the car's performance was restored. In general, there is no need to clean the injector in such a case of slight clogging. Because the slight gunk can be dissolved, it is not unreasonable to say that the vehicle should be run on the highway. If the above signs, it is recommended that car enthusiasts go to the workshop in a timely manner with computer testing to confirm that the fuel system is cleaned in a timely manner to avoid anchoring.   5.How to clean the injector 5.1. Adopt "playing bottle" way to clean. This method is simple and easy to use, only need to be suitable cleaning agent card into the special equipment, according to the provisions of the connecting pipe into the intake tract and oil intake pipe, let the engine run for 20 minutes. Cleaning process because to wash off the cylinder carbon, in terms of environmental protection, exhaust emissions will certainly temporarily exceed the standard. 5.2. Cleaning with a non-disassembly cleaning machine. The principle of cleaning without dismantling the cleaner is to use the engine originally system of pressure and circulation network, with cleaning agent instead of oil combustion on the cylinder carbon cleaning, and then through the emission system discharge. The advantages of the no-disassembly cleaning is convenient and fast, and the cleaning effect of the injector is obvious; can eliminate engine powerlessness, poor acceleration, improve automotive power and driving performance. The disadvantage of the above method is that the first section of the intake tract can not be cleaned. 5.3 Free cleaning method. It should be noted that the current market cleaning agent varieties, and different specifications. Poor quality cleaning agent due to different calorific value, in the cleaning process, easy to damage the intake and exhaust valves, pistons, cylinder walls; injector nozzles and seals, three-way catalysts cause some damage. 5.4 Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can buy a good quality carburetor cleaner can, two wires, find a helper. With the wire were connected to the positive and negative battery, the other end were connected to the two poles in the fuel injector plug, wrapped some insulation tape to isolate, pay attention to never short-circuit. Then the carburetor cleaner nozzle wrapped some raw tape, top in the injector inlet, as tight as possible. In the pulsed power on and off at the same time, the jet cleaner.     At present, it is common to use ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning, need to
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Lastest company news about Ultrasonic cleaning machine common faults and maintenance methods
Ultrasonic cleaning machine common faults and maintenance methods


Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of equipment that utilizes the cavitation effect of ultrasonic waves in liquid to clean the workpiece, which is widely used in laboratory, medical, industrial and household fields. However, with the increase of the use of time, ultrasonic cleaning machine may appear a variety of faults. In this article, we will introduce some of the common failures of ultrasonic cleaning machine and its repair methods to help users better maintain and use the equipment.   Ultrasonic cleaning machine common failure 1. poor cleaning effect Poor cleaning effect is a common problem of ultrasonic cleaning machine, may be caused by the following reasons: -Insufficient ultrasonic power: ultrasonic transducer or drive circuit failure. -Cleaning fluid problem: improper selection of cleaning fluid or use too long. -Improper placement of the workpiece: the workpiece in the cleaning tank location is unreasonable, affecting the ultrasonic wave propagation. 2. can not start Ultrasonic cleaner can not start is usually caused by electrical faults, common causes include: -Power failure: power cord damage or poor contact with the plug. -Blown fuse: overload or current shock caused by blown fuse. -Switch failure: damaged start switch or poor contact. 3. Excessive noise Under normal circumstances, the ultrasonic cleaner will produce a certain amount of noise, but if the noise increases abnormally, it may be caused by the following reasons: -Loose transducer: the ultrasonic transducer is loose from the bottom of the cleaning tank. -Equipment aging: wear and tear or aging of the internal parts of the equipment due to prolonged use. -Collision of objects in the cleaning tank: workpieces or other objects collide with the cleaning tank during the cleaning process. 4. Water leakage in the cleaning tank Cleaning tank leakage will affect the cleaning effect and may damage the electrical parts of the equipment, common causes include: -Cracked welds in the cleaning tank: Long-term use or collision causes cracks in the welds. -Deteriorated seals: seals or gaskets have deteriorated and failed. Repair Methods 1. Check and replace the transducer If the cleaning effect is not good or the noise is too loud, first of all, you should check whether the ultrasonic transducer is working properly. You can use a multimeter to measure the resistance value of the transducer, if it is significantly deviated from the normal value, you need to replace the transducer. 2. Replacement of cleaning fluid Select the appropriate cleaning fluid and replace it regularly to ensure the cleaning effect. Different cleaning objects require different cleaning fluid, before use should be based on the material of the workpiece and the type of dirt to choose the appropriate cleaning fluid. 3. Check the power supply and switch If the ultrasonic cleaner can not start, first check the power cord and plug is intact, if necessary, replace the damaged power cord. Secondly, check whether the fuse inside the equipment is blown, if blown, replace the fuse. Finally, check the contact of the start switch and replace the switch if necessary. 4. Fix the transducer If the noise is too loud, you can check whether the ultrasonic transducer is loose. Usually, the transducer is fixed to the bottom of the cleaning tank by screws, if found loose, retighten the screws to ensure that the transducer is firmly connected. 5. Repair or replace the tank If the tank is leaking, first check the leakage area. For the case of cracked welds, you can use special welding equipment to repair. For deteriorated seals, replace with new seals or gaskets. Preventive maintenance In order to extend the service life of the ultrasonic cleaner, users should carry out regular preventive maintenance: - Regularly check the electrical parts: including power cords, plugs, switches and fuses to ensure that they are in good condition. - Regular replacement of cleaning fluid: according to the frequency of use and cleaning objects, regularly replace the cleaning fluid to maintain the cleaning effect. - Clean the equipment: after the cleaning is completed, clean the inside and outside of the equipment in time to avoid residues affecting the normal work of the equipment. - Avoid overloaded use: in accordance with the requirements of the equipment manual, avoid prolonged continuous work to prevent overload damage to the equipment. Through the above methods, users can effectively solve the common faults of ultrasonic cleaning machine, and extend the service life of the equipment, improve the cleaning effect. If you encounter problems that can not be solved by yourself, it is recommended to contact a professional maintenance personnel for overhaul.
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Lastest company news about Acme was honored as
Acme was honored as "Caring Company".


Recently, Acme (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. has been awarded the title of "Caring Enterprise", due to the donation of funds for the construction of a hope elementary school. Acme has been adhering to the principle of "creating beauty, serving the society; respecting people, respecting work, innovation, and doing!" It has been adhering to the principle of "creating beauty and serving the society; respecting people, honoring work, innovation and doing!", insisting on honest and law-abiding operation, striving for innovation and development, and promoting the construction of honesty and empowering quality development. Winning the titles of "2023 Honest Model Enterprise" and "Caring Enterprise" is not only a recognition and affirmation of Acme's credit construction achievements, but also a kind of encouragement. In the future development, Acme will be inspired by this, continue to adhere to the integrity-based, law-based management, and further promote the integrity of the construction, and further maintain a good integrity brand and integrity image, to fulfill the integrity of the social responsibility of the business, and strive to achieve the company's various developments, to promote the integrity of the region, the industry to make new contributions to the construction. Further adhere to the charitable matters, for the community's charitable matters to contribute their own modest strength. Further establish a good corporate brand image, make the enterprise bigger and stronger, and strive for local economic and social development.
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